Frequency Standards

Frequency Standards

    Widely spaced equipments require a relatively high order of drive accuracy. In practically all facsimile installations this requirement is met by a tuning fork standard. The international standart of drive accuracy, 1 part in 100,000, can easily be met over long periods of time by employing a fork standard control. Tuning fork standards are covered by the following references.


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    If the drive accuracy of 1 part 100,000 is mainted at the scanner and the recorder, it is only necessary to frame when the picture is started. A lower order of drive accuracy requrires the transmission of some form of control over the circuit. The following citations illustrate this method of control.


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    An excellent review of modern synchronizing methods is illustrated by:

     Schiweck (Zeits. F. Fernmeldetechnik, Vol. 13, pp. 10-14, January 21; pp.24-30, February 18, 1932, F. Schiweck).

    (C) Marius Rensen


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