Facsimile Makers

Facsimile Makers (up to 1950)
Updated 25 Dec 2004

    In the last century, more than a dozen companies in America have been concerned in one way or another with the development and production of various facsimile equipment. Thos known to have been active in the field lately are listed below, together with several that are potential facsimile producers although they are not known to be currently engaged in any facsimile projects.

    Acme Newspictures, the news picture division of NEA Services, Inc., a well known news agency, operates an extensive wire and radio photo-transmission system to expedite the deivery of its own photographs.
    The terminal equipment for these circuits is designed and built by Acme itself, but is also available for sale to other users.

    Alden Products Company, best known as a manufacturer of small radio parts and fittings, also makes broadcast and communication facsimile units.

    Alfax Paper and Engineering Company, affiliated with Alden Products Company, produces several types of electrolytic paper for direct-recording facsimile machines.

    Alfax Programs, Inc., another Alden subsidiary, is devoted to the development and distribution of syndicated facsimile broadcast programs.

    American Telephon and Telegraph Company (AT&T), the owner and operator of the Bell Telephon System, develops and provides for its customers wire circuits suitable for photo and communication facsimile service. Its subsidiary organisations have developed and produced line and terminal equipment used by the Associated Press.

    Automatic Electric Company, a prominent maker of telephon plant equipment and automatic telephon exchanges, has at the end of the fourties acquired a licence to manufacture facsimile equipment based on the designs and patents of Finch Telecommunications Inc,

    Bell Telephon Laboratories, Inc. the research and development subsidiary of the American Telephon and Telegraph Company, is responsible for the design of all equipment and facilities used by that organization.

    Broadcasters Faximile Analysis, was, until 1950 , a cooperating group of nespapers and radio broadcasting organizations devoted to investigating the equipment and program requirments of facsimile broadcasting.

    Faximile Inc., is the patent-holding subsidiary of Radio Inventions, Inc.

    Finch Telecommunications, Inc. was a company devoted entirely to the development and maufacture of facsimile equipment of all kinds.

    General Electric Company, in addition to its many other electrical products, makes facsimile broadcast transmitters and receivers under an agreement with Radio Inventions, Inc. Rumors have circulated 1950, to the effect that this company has also conducting other facsimile developments, but they where unconfirmed at that time.

    Grant Photo Products, Inc. is the largest producer of Hogan Faxpaper, used in many types of facsimile recorders.

    International Telephon and Telegraph Company, one of the largest American communication organizations, holds manufacturing licenses under the facsimile patents of both Finch Telecommunications, Inc., and the Western Union Telegraph Company.

    Press Wireless Manufacturing Corporation, which was, until 1948, a subsidiary of Press Wireless, Inc.., the well-known press communication service, but has since reorganized as a separate company, has done some facsimile development work. The results have included an experimental drict-recording system and a number of photo-facsimile transceivers.

    Radio Corporation of America, have been active in the developement, production, and operation of radio facsimile devices since shortly after the end of World War 1. RCA Communications operates extensive radiophoto circuits.

    Radio Inventions, Inc., was primarily concerned with the development and manufacture of facsimile broadcast equipment.

    Times Facsimile Corporation, a subsidiary of The New York Times, manufactures phototranceivers that can also be used for direct recording.

    Western Electric Company, a subsidiary of the American Telephon and Telegraph Company, manufactures products based on the developmental efforts of the Bell Telephon Laboratories, Inc. Its has produced phototransmission and receiving equipment, as well as various special correcting devices for facsimile circuits.

    Western Union Telegraph Company, develops and manufacturres drict-recording facsimile equipment for telegraph service

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