Progress of Wire Facsimile

    Progress of Wire Facsimile

    Wire and Radio facsimile are so closely related, that it is thought essential to trace the progress of wire facsimile from its orgin up to the present date.
    The basic elements which make up a facsimile system are the same for both wire and radio sevice, the only difference being dictated by the propagation medium employed.
    A working knowledge of the contributions by the following engineers in the field of wire facsimile should prove very helpful to one interested in the radio application.

    Carey (Elec. Engr.. Vol. 19, pp. 57-58, 1895, G. R. Carey)
    Korn (E.N.T., Vol. 1. No. 6, pp. 175-187, 1924, A. Korn)

    (E.T.Z., Vol. 33, pp. 454-455, May 22nd, 1902. A. Korn)

    (E.T.Z., Vol. 36, pp. 1131-1134, Dec. 14th, 1905, A. Korn)

    (E.T.Z., Vol. 47, pp. 717-719, June 24th, 1926, A. Korn)

    Belin (Sci. & Inv., Vol. 8, pp. 717, 805 and 812, Nov. 1920)

    O´Brien (Bell Tel. Quart., Vol. 3, pp. 186-195, Juli, J. B. O´Brien)

    Ives, Horton, Parker, Clark (Bell System Tech. JL. Vol. 4, pp. 187-214, April, 1925, H. E. Ives, J. W. Horton, R. D. Parker, A. B. Clark)

    Kette and Kiel (T.F.T., Vol. 16, pp. 31-40, February, 1927, G. Kette & W. Kiel)

    Arendt (Zeits, Vol. 9, pp. 135-144, March; Vol. 10, pp. 30-39, May, 1929, P. Arendt)

    Reynolds (Bell Sys. Tech. JL, Vol. 15, pp. 549-574, October; Elec, Eng., Vol. 55, pp. 996-1007, September, 1936, F. W. Reynolds)

    Mills (Bell Tel. Quart., Vol. 14, pp. 13-22, January, 1935, John Mills)

    Goetsch (E.N. T, Vol. 14, pp. 443-446, December, 1937, Goetsch)

    It is well to remember that articles written by engineers associated with large research organizations represent the efforts of a large group of workers whose joint efforts are responsible for the report presented by the author in question.
    In most instances reports from such sources cover the subject matter in complete detail, which is beyond the reach of the average individual worker.

    (C) Marius Rensen

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