Re: Wheater map reception on sail boat

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Abgeschickt von Marius Rensen am 16 April, 2006 um 12:07:56

Antwort auf: Wheater map reception on sail boat von Josef am 13 April, 2006 um 21:26:29:

Hello Josef,

the only hardware you need is a outdoor antenna, example half wave dipole ( ).
As software I recommed JVComm ( ).
Simply attach the audio out of the ICOM IC-706MKII transceiver to the line-in jack of your computer's sound card.
Please note that for all listed frequencies you should subtract 1.9 kHz !!
The JVComm software can also decode RTTY, such as synop and Navtex and weather warnings.
( example )

For your sailboat trip you need following fax schedules:

DWD Hamburg:

Nothwood England:

Halifax Canada:

Boston U.S.A.:

Iqaluit AND Resolute Canada:

Kodiak Alaska:

Point Reyes California:

New Orleans Louisiana:

Hope this will help you, otherwise feel free to send me a email.

Best regards,

Marius Rensen


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