Re: hffax image slant?

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Abgeschickt von Klaus Betke am 08 Mai, 2005 um 13:17:10

Antwort auf: Re: hffax image slant? von Marius Rensen am 08 Mai, 2005 um 07:21:44:

Hi Marius and Marco

: this is a problem with the RPM or clock rate.

Hm, but doesn't a clock error usually result in a continuous slant, rather than the "stepwise" reported by Marco? This looks as if some other software "steels" so much CPU time, that fax data gets lost from time to time (that is, small parts of the audio stream are missing).

I had a similar effect many years ago when I used a homemade MS-DOS software for hffax, and when the harddisk was too slow.

At rare times, I have also seen it on JVCOMM32, for example when building up a connection to the Internet (via a DSL modem) while receiving a picture. But in that case, there was only one step. With my new (faster) PC, the effect is gone.



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