Re: hffax image slant?

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Abgeschickt von Marius Rensen am 08 Mai, 2005 um 07:21:44

Antwort auf: hffax image slant? von marco am 07 Mai, 2005 um 14:24:47:


this is a problem with the RPM or clock rate.
Every PC has a little different PC clock build in. Try to change the RPM in very small steps, example from 120.000 to 120.002/119.998 or the clock rate in the software.
Wich decoder software are you using?


: hi all,
: i have a problem with received hffax images.
: they seem to be cut in pieces and every 5 cm or so the image shift a centimeter to the left.
: it looks like a sync problem but i am not shure of this.
: any help would be greatly appreciated.
: thanks in advance


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