FAX & SSTV SCS PTC Modems for  JVComm32, MScan and other Programms

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Equipped for FAX (AM, FM, Meteosat), SSTV, CW
          operation  with receiption and transmission and  full
           compatibility to nearly all modern PC programs.


  • Three simultaneously available communication ports: HF and up to two VHF/UHF Packet ports
  • Separate transceiver control port for remote operation of Icom,  Kenwood, Yaesu, R&S and SGC equipment.
  • 32-bit system with Motorola RISC processor 68360 as CPU, clocked at  25 MHz.
  • 16-bit Motorola DSP 56156 clocked at up to 60 MHz  (computing  power: 30 MIPS)
  • Expandable to 2 MB of static RAM.
  • Firmware stored in flash memory. Easy update via serial  RS232 link to the PC. The update is free of charge and available  from    many Packet-Radio mailboxes and from Internet sites
  • Modem tones (mark-space) and shift programmable in 1 Hz steps within all modes.
  • Audio output-levels for all PSK- and FSK-modes programmable  seperately.
  • Equipped for FAX (AM, FM, Meteosat), SSTV, CW  operation with  receiption and transmission and full compatibility to nearly all modern  PC programs.
  • Build-in mailbox with comprehensive features of nearly 2MB maximum size(dependent on RAM installed) with common and simultaneous access from allmodes (PACTOR-I & II, AMTOR, PACKET).
  • Battery backup for the clock and C-MOS RAM. No mail-loss when  switched off.
  • Mail display at the frontpanel shows the operator at once if there is a new mail for him.
  • Excellent tuning display with 15 2-color-LEDs with center-function.  The antique X-Y-tube display is not required any more.
  • All significant link and controller stati are displayed at the frontpanel with 2-color LEDs and on the terminal-screen.
  • 10-character dot-matrix-display for mode and other parametes as the  callsign of a connecting station and much more.
  • Channel-busy detection displayed on the PTC-display as  well as  on the terminal-screen.
  • DSP-filter option implemented: The PTC-II is fully usable as DSP-filter for all modes as SSB, CW and others as (denoiser) with freely programmable sets of parameters.
  • Features: Auto-peak, auto-notch, passband-filter, inversion, delay-line, function-generator and more.
  • Comprehensive filtering of all in- and outputs for excellent electromagnetic compatibility.
  • HF <--> VHF/UHF gateway and crossband digipeating with comprehensive and automated link establishment features from remote.  PACTOR goes PACKET.
  • Hostmode, extended hostmode, CRC-hostmode. Full compatible to nearly all modern PC programs. Fully integratable in FBB/Winlink networking and mailing systems.

Introducing the brand new PTC-IIe !

Here some information about this outstanding new product.

  • The very first samples of the PTC-IIe were introduced by Dr. Thomas  Rink, the president and CEO of SCS, at the PACTOR forum at the Dayton  hamvention.
  • The e in the PTC-IIe stands for economy. This means the PTC-IIe is a subset of the well-known SCS PTC-II.
  • It uses the same command set as the PTC-II and can be controlled with the same programs. It utilizes WA8DED-hostmode, extended and CRC-hostmode.
  • It should be stated clear that there is no difference in performance between the PTC-II and the PTC-IIe in any of the common modes. It shall be a lower cost
  • solution for those who don´t need the multi-port, crossband and  gateway capabilities of the PTC-II. The PTC-IIe also does not have transceiver-control and the alphanumeric mode-display.
  • Here are the key features of the PTC-IIe:
  • PSK31    With spectroscope display on the tuning display.
  • SSTV
  • All different kinds of SSTV. Useable with nearly all available software.
  • Special JVComm32 mode!
  • FAX Including AM-FAX for Meteosat.
  • Audio denoiser/filter.
  • CW-Terminal
  • Neat DSP CW decoder!
  • Packet-Radio  300, 1200 and 9600 baud using the built in DSP.
  • Mark and space frequencies are freely programmable in 1 Hz steps.
  • Output amplitude programmable im mV steps.
  • The new OFF command turns the unit off by software.
  • Any character sent to the PTC-IIe over the serial interface will switch it on again.
  • The PTC-IIe uses the same high performance CPU/DSP system as the PTC-II.
  • Single port unit.
  • The PTC-IIe has only one transceiver port!  
  • Fixed RAM size of 512 k byte.
  • Fixed FLASH ROM size of 256 k byte.
  • Small size of only 125 x 43 x 183 mm.
  • Optimal for portable operation.
  • Only 200 mA at 13.8 V.