More functionality, less hassle. With this free update of Mscan  Meteo Pro finding the right NAVTEX and RTTY message is now easier than ever as allmessages are grouped per subject. They are also automatically deleted in the same easy way as FAX images. Here's a complete list of what's new
compared to v2.11:

* NAVTEX and RTTY windows  now use tab sheets to group messages per subject * NAVTEX and RTTY messages are automatically deleted after a selectable number of days * program now uses UTC instead of local time
* added  support for remote control of ICOM M801 & M802 transceiver * added  support for PTC-IIpro's V24 transceiver port
* added support to set receiver's mode and attenuator
* added auto clock calibration that will work fully automatic in
* mixer volume restored at program exit
* fixed various bugs

The new Mscan Meteo Pro  will be demonstrated at HISWA in Amsterdam,
Netherlands (25 February - 2 March). Our reseller Kwadraad (Quadrad) will
be running a demo at booth 1.161.

Mscan Meteo Pro v2.12
is 195 euro, but free for  registered users of v2.10 or v2.11 (use your current registration codes).
The program is available through your local reseller, or can be  downloaded from
The fax-only version Mscan Meteo Fax is 95 euro.

As some of you may already know, Mscan Meteo Pro is also sold by other manufacturers under their own  brand name. These OEM versions may have individual changes, but will offer the same quality as Mscan Meteo Pro.
The latest addition is called  Navacom MeteoScan, distributed and supported by AMCOM in the Netherlands  (see
MeteoScan will be launched at HISWA (see above)  at AMCOM's booth 01.148.
The program, priced at 249 euro, will mainly be sold by retailers in the Benelux and comes in a full colour box and includes a CD, audio cable and Dutch manual.

A new release of Mscan Meteo Fax now has integrate FAX, NAVTEX and RTTY into a single program  called  Mscan Meteo Pro V2.12 and is now available from the
Mscan pages

 Mscan Meteo  Fax v.2.12 for Windows 95 & up


For more info go to the Mscan Page


Mscan v3.20 SSTV Decoding Software

After an extensive rewrite of all mode related code, the new Mscan SSTV v3.20 is now ready introducing 7 new modes, 5 of which are in  (very) high resolution. We've further improved the program's stability, enhanced the image quality and noise suppression, added drag & drop,  etc. etc..For more information go to the MSCANN Page

Mscan Meteo Fax

This program has the same FAX capabilities as Mscan Meteo Pro, but lacks NAVTEX and RTTY mode,  timer and receiver control. If you are not interested in automated receiver control, and only need to receive weather charts, then Mscan  Meteo Fax is a low priced alternative for Mscan Meteo Pro.
System requirements: Windows 95, 98, Me, 2000 or XP. Pentium 120 compatible or  better, 24 Mb RAM or more, sound card or external modem (PTC-II/IIe/IIpro,  Multiscan, EasyDSP, HariFax).

Mscan for DOS

Use that old DOS machine and join the exciting world of SSTV! Supports both receiving and transmitting  in 16.8 million colours. Easy to use thanks to the fully graphical user  interface. Images can be captured from camera using the Iris, Video  Blaster or ComputerEyes/RT video digitiser. The built-in SSTV repeater  makes this a unique program.
System requirements: DOS, 80386 or better, 640 k, SVGA 16.8 million colours, mouse, external modem (Multiscan,  Microscan RX, hamcomm, HariFax, EasyFax, Viewport, 16 bits SoundBlaster  compatible sound card (tx only)).