JVComm32 from DK8JV together with EasyDSP  from DF6JB is the new revolution for Image Communications.

JVComm32  from Eberhard Backeshoff, DK8JV. The author who was written  also the populair JVFAX software, wrote JVComm32 for use with DSP  controller such as the new EasyDSP from DF6JB. JVComm32 will  running alos with a sound card, but only with Windows 95 or Windows NT,  not with Windows 3.1 or Windows 3.11 for Workgroups.
JVComm32 decodes all Fax modes, FM for shortwave, AM for Geo- and  Polar Satellites, also H 288/120 and Ham 288B.
Also all "Free Run" SSTV modes Martin M1 and M2, Scotti S1 and S2, Scotti DX, Wraase 180s, Pasakon P3, P5 and P7.
Eberhard Backeshoff DK8JV has now his own
JVComm32 WWW Page

The EasyDSP from Ulrich Bangert DF6JB is now available. The universal DSP controller works with the Motorola DSP56002, and a lot of software is available.
EasyDSP software example: JVComm32 (see  before), 5 CW filter 100Hz-500Hz, automatic CW filter from  SP9VRC, automatic Notchfilter and Noisefilter from OH2LNS, 300,1200 and 9600 bit/s AFSK TNC from OH2LNS/DF6JB, Emulation Simple/Hamcomm modem, Emulation Zornslemma converter,  Emulation Faxellite (Digisat) convertor, Emulation Multiscan  (PA3GPY) convertor, Emulation Code3 LF3 convertor, AMSAT  Phase-3D telemetry simulator, Phase-3D telemetry de-modulator 1200 bit/s RS-232


SSTV DX on 15m


Geostationary Satellite  Meteosat 6

Polar Orbiter Satellite NOAA 12