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Abgeschickt von Pal am 19 August, 2011 um 12:42:48:

Antwort auf: GOOD SOFTWARE von Hiroshi Matsushita am 03 Maerz, 2007 um 14:17:45:

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: Because E-mail cannot be sent, it fills it in here.
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: *** Good Software ***

: Hi and nice to meet you.
: It is one fan that receives HF-FAX in Osaka,Japan.

: I recommend this software.
: Syn Fax is software that deciphering does wireless Fax (electric wave
: form F3C) transmitted with the shortwave belt and displays it on the
: personal computer screen. A special additional device is not needed,
: and wireless Fax a reception becomes possible by using the sound card
: as an interface, and processing the decipherment with software about
: the shortwave belt only because it uses the wireless machine and the
: personal computer.
: The feature in Syn Fax is to have a function convenient to receive
: wireless Fax like the expansion, the movement of synchronization and
: the image of the reception of the image and the image, and the prints,
: etc. a high resolution by many.

: The soft author's consent is obtained, and reported.
: Please try once. However, it is release only of Japanese now.


: My best regards in the future.
: <Hiroshi Matsushita>

THE LINK DO NOT WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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