Re: hffax 5.1 for DOS

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Abgeschickt von Alan am 14 Oktober, 2007 um 12:23:56

Antwort auf: Re: hffax 5.1 for DOS von Marius Rensen am 11 Oktober, 2007 um 19:53:20:

: : Anyone know where I can get this programme? Or any other one which will work with serial-port input and the old CGA graphics, to use with HP200LX computer? Most programs now are for sound-card and/or VGA!
: : Thanks, Alan.

: Allen,

: try
: (Owen Netan), perhaps he can tell you were HFFAX 5.1 to download.

: Marius

No contact as yet thru this site, but I have found another program 'WEFAX' which has the required setup, but not tried it yet.


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