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Abgeschickt von Jorgina Andrawis am 10 Oktober, 2007 um 23:22:52

Antwort auf: Navtex from Curacao von George am 01 August, 2005 um 06:33:45:


Whether you own a pleasure yacht or a larger vessel, this small but powerful receiver will really make your life easier.

The AE-3300 was designed for the user that requires a high-performance receiver thatís multipurpose and easy to use. Our AE-3300 covers the range from 9 KHz to 30 MHz, and contains a number of decoding functions including:

- HF Weatherfax (Click to view pdf of screenshots, 300k)

It can also function in the standard AM, SSB and CW radio modes. With all its functions and facilities the AE-3300 is truly a complete marine information center. In addition, a GPS option is available which integrates the receiver with a high-resolution global mapping facility that allows you to track your position with relative ease.

This high-performance marine receiver is extremely sensitive and optimized to work with relatively short antennas, typically found in a marine environment, yet featuring a respectable dynamic range making the receiver resistant to strong signal overload.

The receiver comes in a small enclosure which connects to an IBM-compatible PC (desktop or laptop) via the supplied USB cable. It is extremely user-friendly (plug-and-play) and easy to install in any yacht or vessel. An external antenna connects to the receiver.

Its small size and PC compatibility make this unit ideal where transportability is desired. You can pack up the unit and take it with you very easily for operation with your laptop in any boat or even in a fixed location if you wish.

Optional Accessories:

- Active antenna
- Mounting bracket
- GPS receiver


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