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Abgeschickt von Marius Rensen am 05 Maerz, 2007 um 17:07:59

Antwort auf: what is the max distance for reception of faxes von Kawazee Notuboo am 05 Maerz, 2007 um 03:06:25:

Hello Kwazee,

I know there are a lot of people in Europe who received stations over long distance.
I have heard tomorrow Hawaii also here in Germany.
This weekend I have also a chart received from New Orleans as a example.
Normally you can receive the most stations around the globe, but you must take the right frequency on the right time of the day (Higher on daytime, and lower freqs. at the evening/night.


: What would be the max distance for reception of faxes? I had the National Weather Service in Hawaii tell me that they had confirmed reception in Denmark and Germany. I can see this as it would come over the pole and most of the distance is over water. My distance was around 3900 miles with them. I would expect Germany to be further.

: Just curious about what people here had for distances.


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