Re: Future of Goes / APT?

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Abgeschickt von Marius Rensen am 27 August, 2006 um 02:28:22

Antwort auf: Future of Goes / APT? von Rob Moore am 22 August, 2006 um 19:04:17:

Hi, Rob,

the information for the near future is described on


: Hi,

: I've been thinking about setting up to receive the GOES Satellites and have been having trouble finding any current information on the Web.

: I have the impression that GOES is going away at some point and setting up to receive LRPT pictures would be prohibitively expensive. Is this really the case or are there still alternatives that might be worth pursuing? I like the Satellite photos but it seems that there won't be any way to receive them soon

: Regards,
: Rob


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