Fraud: John Heron & MarineNet

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Abgeschickt von Dave Hall am 21 Juni, 2006 um 22:22:55

All, Please excercise CAUTION

This site links to which is run by John Heron in Jupiter Florida. John and his site are a FRAUD. John has been defrauding sailors for several years. Accepting payment and then never delivering the purchased hardware.

John runs the business from his home, a shack at the end of a dirt road in the outskirts of the city. There is no credible business.

John Heron has been reported to the Jupiter police and the police are unwilling to arrest him as he only defrauds people outside the state of Florida and therefore the local police have no juristiction.

John is a smooth talker and always seems to have the answers but its all part of his scheme to STEAL YOUR MONEY.

Given the large number of posting on the net I find it odd that a site, like this, would be willing to link to, and therefore support, someone with such a shady reputation.

Should you require additional information, feel free to contact me and I will forward the documentation on John.

s/v Saltaire


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