Hi, novice trying to recive NOOA satellites.

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Abgeschickt von Ivan am 18 Mai, 2006 um 19:26:31


me and my friend we are SW listeners since quite a while.

We quite enjoyed receiving a bit of this and that everywhere, epecially SSTV and HF-Fax.

Recently I was trying to have a go with Satellites, some people swear that it's quite possible to occasionaly pick up something even with a hand-held scanner.

Actually we have one that is a Yaesu VR-120D.

I am using the program "Satbuster" to track when I have a satellite "above my head" (actually my location is around Carmathen UK).

I saw that for example NOAA12 and NOAA15 can get quite close to here in certain times *(870 Km).

The question is "how do they sound when they transmit down images ?"

I did not find any sound sample anywhere, do they sound like the "normal" HF-FAX you can hear around ?

How do I tune to them ?

Is it possible to receive them using a program like JVComm ?

Thanks lot in advance for any help.


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