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Abgeschickt von Marius Rensen am 09 April, 2006 um 00:16:43

Antwort auf: Help von kieran am 08 April, 2006 um 19:40:45:

Hi Kirian,

all you need is a 137 mHz receiver, called also a APT receiver.
Attach the audio out of the receiver to the line-in jack of your computer's sound card. Wait for an image and enjoy! But you need also a software package as WXToImage (free) and a outdoor antenna such as a low cost 137 mHz crossed dipole.
Look at my page at or for a receiver, and also on for software.
Hope this will help you.


: Hi, Im looking to purchase a weather sat reciever,
: Ideally Im looking to produce colour images (cost dependant!)
: Can Any one tell me the best way to get started what sort of cost involved and where to purchase equipment.
: By reading articles APT seems to be the best place to start, but will this do colour?
: Thanks


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