Re: Receiving HF Fax on Winradio WR-G303

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Abgeschickt von Marius Rensen am 27 Februar, 2006 um 21:13:51

Antwort auf: Receiving HF Fax on Winradio WR-G303 von Evan Duffield am 27 Februar, 2006 um 20:51:50:

Hi Evan,

could you send me a picture please?, amd I will look what is wrong.
Perhaps there is something wrong with the correct LPM of 120.Best you try to change the LPM (RPM.) Change to example to 119.995 or 120.005.


: Hi

: I recently bought a WR-G303 with the Advance Digital Suite (ADS) but I am unable to receive HF faxes properly.

: The picture is not just heavily skewed to the left but is disjointed: the thick black lines which mark the edges of the pages of Northwood weather faxes are all split in two and are not at the edge of the page at all.

: If need be, I am able to send someone a Word document containing screen shots demonstrating the problem I am having as well as a detailed description. I've already exchanged e-mails with the English distributor of Winradio, Radixon, and they claimed that it was caused interference, but it appears to me to be a 'Set up' error as the error seems to be very consistent.

: I am, therefore, asking if someone could let me know the correct settings that should be used in the 'Set up' window of the ADS's fax decoder. Perhaps someone could send me a screen shot of their 'Set up' screen.

: I would be most grateful for any help.

: Evan Duffield
: London, England


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