APT via BT878

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Abgeschickt von Jay Laprade am 25 Januar, 2006 um 20:55:58

I've been kicking around this question all day. It's driving me crazy. I know it's a n00b question, but I have to ask.
There has been some work done recently using BT878 based cards. From what I have seen the people modifying the card have been able to do Anolog to Digital conversetion using the BT878 TV cards. They are only able to take the recieving up to 485Khz. Which is very admiable.
But my question is, would it be possible to use this television card (unmodified), connect it to a crossed dipole or QFH (quadrifilar helix) antenna. And then set the channel reception to 137.500MHz to recieve NOAA-15 APT transmissions. Then connect the BT878 cards audio output to the input on a soundcard and decode the APT transmission via WEFax or some other software.
I understand there is an issue of bandwidth, but would it possible.

Thanks for anyones input on this.



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