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Abgeschickt von Marius Rensen am 15 Januar, 2006 um 12:06:51

Antwort auf: CBV Valparaiso Playa Ancha von Frans Maris / Belgium am 15 Januar, 2006 um 11:19:20:

Hi Frans,

I know that CBV has changed the schedule, but in my opinion there is something wrong with the transmissions.
Take alook at the web for the latest? schedule:


: HI Marius !
: Did you hear something about changes of the Fax-schedule of CBV ? I used to hear the station on 17146.5 (listed)at 1015 and 1022 utc,with a sfc. anal. and a sat.pic. that means a difference of 1 hour with respect to the last kwown sched. I sent an E-mail to the Chilean Navy, but they fail to answer...


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