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Abgeschickt von Marius Rensen am 21 Dezember, 2005 um 20:34:02

Antwort auf: RX meteosat von Jorge Diaz am 19 Dezember, 2005 um 19:29:05:


look at the Eumetsat site at


: Dear partners, I'm a student of Barcelona. I have to write a project about an antenna for receiving ATP images from Meteosat. I have to explain the specifications ofdownload signal and propose and antenna that has that requirements. I have to simulate this antenna with SuperNEC. Can anyone help me?
: I had found any dates but I'm not sure they are corrects.I only need good specifications and someone who can help me with that project because I had studied a lot of theory but the practice is so quite different.

: A lot of thanks.


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