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Abgeschickt von Marius Rensen am 20 November, 2004 um 12:14:40

Antwort auf: Re: countries borders on NOAA images von Marius Rensen am 15 November, 2004 um 17:54:24:


sorry the download address was not correct.

the correct url is:


: Daniel,

: try WXtoImg, with this software you can decode the pictures same as with WXSat, but with country borders. The only thing you have to do is, type in your coordinates from your location, and you must update the pc clock sometimes with the exact time.
: Thatīs all, you can find the software at (and it is free, only some special options you missed)See also my pictures decoded with WXToImg at:

: Marius

: : Hello

: : I'm looking for a Windows XP software to add countries borders to NOAA satellite pictures decoded via WXSat.

: : Thank you for any information

: : Daniel


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