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Abgeschickt von Marius Rensen am 20 November, 2004 um 12:05:51

Antwort auf: countries borders on NOAA images von daniel crausaz am 15 November, 2004 um 10:56:36:


Oded Regev 4Z5BS from Israel has written a small program called TRACKER that allows the creation of maps that can be combined with images taken from NOAA satellites by WXSat.
You can download WXTRAK (large file) from my site at:

An example from a NOAA 14 picture decoded with WXSAT and added the country borders from the TRACKER program you can download here:


: Hello

: I'm looking for a Windows XP software to add countries borders to NOAA satellite pictures decoded via WXSat.

: Thank you for any information

: Daniel


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