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Abgeschickt von Marius Rensen am 20 November, 2004 um 11:49:06

Antwort auf: PCMIA for JVcomm von Piers am 19 November, 2004 um 08:38:31:

Hello Piers,

if you mean a PCMIA card as a Hardware decoder such as from OCS, (analog to digital wit decoding software), I believe you will not receive better pictures, as by decoding via a sound card. The quality for a good picture need a very clean signal from the receiver. The best way is between your receiver and the notebook is a sinal filter, or better a dsp filter. I use the EasyDSP for Hf Fax, and the DSP receiver NRD 545, and do not need a sound card.
But with a internal PCMIA (exampel from OCS), or a external decoder, the Notebook need not any recources for processing the signal from analog to digital, recouces only for the decoding software, such as JVComm.
For a good signal you need a good receiver with a broadband antenna from 1 to 30 MHz. For portabel stations I recommed a active antenna.
But first you should try to receive the "local" stations on the right frequency for the day time!
This means higher frequency at daytime, and lower frequency at other times, and the best results you have on the higher frequencies at daytime.


: Hi there Marius,Marius
: Great sight, nice one.
: Will you get a better picture receiving weather faxes if using a PCMIA card input for JVcomm rather than the sound card.IF so what PCMIA?
: I'm going to try using a handheld HF (IC-R10) hooked upto my laptop so I'd like to help the reception quality in anyway I can. Are their (portable) booster antennas available also?
: Cheers
: Piers


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