Re: Microphone input instead of Line Input

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Abgeschickt von Marius Rensen am 21 Mai, 2005 um 10:06:35

Antwort auf: Microphone input instead of Line Input von Bob am 17 Mai, 2005 um 20:02:24:


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: Ahoy,
: I have used the software before on a computer with the line input, but it is not working with my new computer, with only the Mircophone input. I would like to try the capacitor and 'voltage divider registor'. Can someone tell me specifily what size capacitor, polarized or non polarized, and the registor size. Radio Shack personel don't have a clue! I'm using an ICOM 700 SSB and the manual says the external speaker should be 4-8 ohmns.
: Thanks in advance!
: Bob


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