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Abgeschickt von jconover am 22 Januar, 2005 um 22:02:26

Antwort auf: cables conection von psulo schaefer am 13 Oktober, 2004 um 15:25:14:

: Hi

: I intend to use JVcomm at a sailboat trip to South Africa, from Brazil.
: I have doubts at the conection from the SSB to the lap-top.
: Where do I conect at the SSB(ICOM 706 KMIIG), and at the Lap-top??
: I think it is athe "phone" at SSB and microphone at the lap-top. Is it correct??

: Paulo

Paulo, you may want to go from the ICOM jack to a modem (SCS PTC III) your 9 pin on your PC laptop. I have an ICOM 710--and use that the ICOM handles this configuration with the SCS modem beautfully. I also use the phone to soundcard jack as a backup. but since I also use JVCOMM to auto tune my radio via the PTC modem..and use Sailmail and WLO Radion for HF EMAIL--keeps me from shifting back and forth. I purchased the correct cable from a radio distributor for ICOM..cut out one more potential error.


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