First Wireless Transatlantic Photograph (RCA/Ranger 1924)

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Abgeschickt von James F. X. Mc Ilhinney am 07 Januar, 2005 um 02:56:11

I stumbled onto the exquisite website you are building about the history of the Facsimile industry. It looks like it will be pretty comprehensive, and probably be "Thee Site" when you are complete.
I own the actual 'First Wireless Transatlantic photograph autographed by the inventor of the transmitter, receiver and facsimile unit, Captain Richard H. Ranger. The photograph was transmitted between New York and London in November of 1924, and is a photo of then President of the United States Calvin Coolidge. I thought that you might be interested in the use of the image for your very educational website. Please respond and let me know.
Sincerely, James F. X. Mc Ilhinney, Phila. Pa. U.S.A.
1-215-332-4715 (or email me.)


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